Comberton Village College

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Great school visit to Comberton Village College.

Two wonderful Year 9 Groups. Just a few of the books they are reading (apart from mine obviously):

Skulduggery Pleasant
Infinite Sky
Fullmetal Alchemist
Legend Trilogy
Double Cross
Lord of the Rings
The Great Plague
Cherub Series
Own Goal
The Fifth Wave

In an interactive session they came up with fascinating story ideas, but why did they all consider the protagonist should live in a Shed? Is there something I am missing from the world of literature or film? And also a fear of spiders came up. Although one group suggested that their character would deep fry and eat them.


One group suggested kidnapping while the other Ebola contracted by a sister in Sierra Leone. Amazing how a vial outbreak still looms in our imagination.

For mentors the kidnappers enlisted the help of a rugby team – to deal with the chief criminal called Wendy. The second suggested a major change of heart by Donald Trump to come to the rescue. He was soon revised to Donald Tramp.

Perhaps I interjected a bit of Plot Plan B, with the kidnapped victim being down a well with vicious animals – but the spiders arrived, just in case there wasn’t enough horror.

We didn’t get to the end of either story but, of course, that is for the students.

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