First Submarine Attack!

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American submarine attacks British Warships.

In 1775 Americans tried to sink British Warships in New York Harbour but the Turtle submarine drifted off-course and blew up it’s explosive device – although I think Sargent Ezra Lee survived.
If that’s meant to be him in the picture he really looks on for this, death to the Brits.

(see The illustrated history of the submarine / Edward Horton 1974)

But that wasn’t the first submarine attempt – apparently Alexander the Great was lowered into the sea in a glass barrel some 2000 years ago.
Lots more attempts using compressed air used for power and steam. They did turn off the fires making the steam when they submerged but the whole thing reached nearly boiling point.
Probably the first electric submarine was the French 1888.
Weird once you start looking back into the history of things that might be considered modern.

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