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Looking for an Author to appear at your school or library?

Alex Mellanby, author of The Tregarthur’s Series is available to come to your school for talks and workshops.

These can be constructed to meet curriculum needs of students. I would suggest teenagers from Year 8 – 10 would be interested in sessions.

My previous career as a doctor means that many of my talks stray into questions about disease – especially since I was a specialist in Infections. Lots of questions about Ebola and I’m sure something else will soon hit the news. I spent six years involved in a health education research programme for Years 8 & 9. And while that’s nothing like the experience of a real teacher I did teach more than 2000 classroom sessions.

But before I get entirely side tracked the following are some of my suggestions:

  1. Introduction to me and to the process of writing (eg Hero’s Journey)
  2. Interactive questioning on the process of invention in time (how was the first wheel made, the first pottery, fighting disease with no knowledge)
  3. Workshop – group construction of short story plot outline
  4. Best plot(s) selected for inclusion on the web site and entry to competitions continuing links via teacher / librarian
  5. Book signing

If you would like me to provide an author session at your school then please contact me directly tregarthur1 [at] btinternet  .com

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