Writing Best Sellers

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Writing Best Sellers

A few tips from author Alex Mellanby

Writing Best Sellers can’t be done unless you read a lot. There are so many books I want to have read. I can’t keep up, but you can. As a young writer make the time to read. Libraries, if they still exist, are so fantastic, read read read. Ask librarians, they know because they read a lot too!
Write about people. Story plots will come into your head but you need someone to do the telling in your book or short story or whatever you write or blog. You need characters, with the problems that they have. Simple problems like lost stuff, harder problems like lost important stuff and impossible problems like a lost phone when you’re in the middle of Milton Keynes with no water (or money).
Then there is advice on the web. Mostly advice that cost you money. Back to the librarian before you spend anything. As well as reading a lot Librarians are experts on a whole range of stuff mostly printed stuff, but quite a lot of them make wonderful cakes as well.
But there are hundreds of books about writing. Some of them are huge. If you can’t read them stick them under your pillow in the hope it all gets through in the night (doesn’t work, gives you earache but 900 pages of advice is too hard unless you’re taking a university degree)

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