School Author visits – workshops and presentations

I have had some wonderful school sessions, talking about writing, interactive sessions on building tension, workshops devising characters and stories.
Alex Mellanby

Contact me directly if you’d like me to come to your school on:

Student Comments:

‘I really enjoyed your talk because you made writing fun which has never happened to me before.’ (Izzy Year 7)

‘I liked how you interacted with all of us from the start.’ (Joe aged 14)

‘The way you made us create our own story was an interesting task and everybody was joining in.’ (Bob Year 7)

‘I really want to express how much I enjoyed your talk as it inspired me very much.’ (Sian Year 7)

I provide interactive sessions for Year 7 – 10.

In addition to introducing my books, reading from the Tregarthur Series and talking about the process of writing and getting published:

Small group workshops devising characters, working on structures such as the Hero’s Journey using students’ ideas;

In large groups (Year 7) I provide an interactive session devising, for example, tension in stories – not the quietest of times;

And book signing.

My previous career as a doctor means that many of my talks stray into questions about disease – especially since I was a specialist in Infections. Lots of questions about Ebola and I’m sure something else will soon hit the news (ag Zika).

I spent six years involved in a health education research programme for Years 8 & 9. And while that’s nothing like the experience of a real teacher I did teach more than 2000 classroom sessions.

If you would like me to provide an author session at your school, then please contact me directly

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