Tregarthur’s Legacy

Book 5 in the Tregarthur’s Series

The Tregarthur’s Series, was inspired by the Ten Tors Challenge, a two day annual event organised by the Army, for 2,400 teenagers to visit ten tors across Dartmoor, UK. A modern day Lord of the Flies, the books follow a group of teenagers who find themselves cut off from the adult world in an unfamiliar environment. It deals with themes pertinent to the lives of young adults, such as bullying, leadership, grief, and friendship, whilst at the same time having a page turning story line full of adventure and mystery.

Each book in the series involves travel to a different time, where the group has to survive using skills and knowledge they have gained from their old life. On a journey from the prehistoric age of the Neanderthals to the 14th century Black Death; from the Convict ships of the 18th century to the more recent discoveries of Marie Curie, the group are drawn back to the strange stones of Dartmoor.

In the final book, Tregarthur’s Legacy, the remaining members of the group are caught up in a never ending war that is raging across a WWI stricken France. In this explosion of past events, Mellanby has yet again delivered a powerful story with themes pertinent to young adults intertwined with mystery, historical fact and adventure that has delighted his growing readership.

Tregarthur's Legacy ..

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Miss Tregarthur is dead. Alvin and Jenna watched her die, drawn into the ground by the Hanging Stones. But in death, Miss Tregarthur is more powerful than ever. Caught up in the never ending war that is raging across France, Alvin and Jenna must find a way to break Miss Tregarthur’s grip on the past.

This time it’s about more than their own survival; this time it’s about the future.

Tregarthur’s Legacy is the final book in the Tregarthur’s Series.

The explosion hit, everything suddenly so bright, a hard wave of sound smashing into me. I must have passed out, but not for long, I came round in a rain of mud.
Tregarthur's Legacy

Book Details

Title: Tregarthur’s Legacy
Author: Alex Mellanby
Publisher: Cillian Press
Editor: Cillian Editing
PB ISBN: 978-1-909776-22-7
EB ISBN: 978-1-909776-23-4
Publication: 1st June 2014
RRP: GB/£7.99 US/$12.95

Category: Young Adult Fiction
Action & Adventure –
Survival Stories
Historical – General
FICTION / Science
Fiction / Time Travel

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