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The Tregarthur’s Series

by Alex Mellanby

The Tregarthur’s Series, was inspired by the Ten Tors Challenge, a two day annual event organised by the Army, for 2,400 teenagers to visit ten tors across Dartmoor, UK. A modern day Lord of the Flies, the books follow a group of teenagers who find themselves cut off from the adult world in an unfamiliar environment.

Going forward, each book in the Tregarthur Series will involve travel to a different time, where the group has to survive using skills and knowledge they have gained from their old life. This first book involves travel to prehistoric times and basic survival skills such as hunting, cooking, and finding shelter. Throughout the series the mystery of the Tregarthur family haunts them as they try to deal with their own personal problems of dysfunctional families and the trials of growing up.

It deals with themes pertinent to the lives of young adults, such as bullying, leadership, grief, and friendship, whilst at the same time having a page turning story line full of adventure and mystery.

Can Alvin and Jenna survive? Will they save their companions? Why does Alice Tregarthur want them all to die? Is this just about her or is there a larger force involved, something dark and timeless from the moor?

Book 1: Tregarthur’s Promise

The Journey Begins…

A school hiking expedition is hijacked by Miss Tregarthur, driven by her dreadful Promise. Her plan unravels when she is injured and the hikers find themselves alone and transported to a time before history. Alvin and Jenna lead the fight to survive and battle the vicious bully Zach and his followers. Disease, death and disaster follow them as they try to decipher the Promise and search for the way back home. But Miss Tregarthur has not played her last game.

Book 2: Tregarthur’s Revenge

After escaping their troubles at home, Alvin and Jenna believed they were safe. They hadn’t counted on the caveman army led by somebody they thought was dead. Forced through the tunnel they find themselves back on Dartmoor – except that this is definitely not the 21st century.

Struggling to understand the mysteries of the tunnel will they ever return to a safe time and place? Alvin failed to keep Miss Tregarthur’s Promise. Now, reaching across time, it seems Miss Tregarthur will have her revenge.

Book 3: Tregarthur’s Prisoners

In 18th century Britain sheep rustling was punishable by hanging or deportation. Neither seem a good alternative to Alvin, who is still trying to work out how he and his friends got caught up in this mess. In Tregarthur’s Prisoners they may be getting closer to present day but they are further from Dartmoor than they’ve ever been before.

Tumbling through the twists of time, can Alvin escape the hangman’s noose? But as Miss Tregarthur tries to destroy them all, the tunnel is beginning to give up its secrets.

Book 4: Coming Soon

Book Details and Publisher

Publisher: Cillian Press Limited. 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ
Telephone: +44 (0)161 870 2301
Rights & Permissions: Mark Brady. Cillian Press Limited.
General Enquiries: Sales Team. Cillian Press Limited.
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Title: Tregarthur’s Promise

Author: Alex Mellanby
Publisher: Cillian Press
Pub Date: 1st Oct 2013

PB ISBN: 978-0-9573155-4-9
EB ISBN: 978-0-9573155-5-6
PB RRP: £7.99/US $12.95

Title: Tregarthur’s Revenge

Author: Alex Mellanby
Publisher: Cillian Press
Pub Date: 1st June 2014

PB ISBN: 978-1-909776-06-7
EB ISBN: 978-1-909776-07-4
PB RRP: £7.99/US $12.95

Title: Tregarthur’s Prisoners

Author: Alex Mellanby
Publisher: Cillian Press
Pub Date: 1st Nov 2015

PB ISBN: 978-1-909776-14-2
EB ISBN: 978-1-909776-15-9
PB RRP: £7.99/US $12.95

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